Fine Pitch Installation Manual Sample
TW1.875 Fine Pitch Installation Manual

1. Check the accessories before installation:

2. Support structure

Assemble the aluminum square with 90° right-angle locks according to the CAD drawings
Schematic diagram of bracket splicing steps (please refer to CAD drawing for detailed dimensions) Step 1: Assemble the column structure of the LED video wall according to the drawings
Step 2: Join the LED video wall base structure according to the CAD drawings.
Step 3: Splicing the overall structure of the LED video wall, splicing the column structure and the base structure with 90° connecting pendants;
Step 4: After the stitching is completed, adjust the horizontal, vertical, and size. Fix the bracket with an aluminum square pass;
Note: The bracket needs to be fixed to the wall or the ground, and it must be fixed firmly to prevent the LED video wall from falling to the ground and causing losses.

3. Fixed installation of cabinet

Arrange the cabinets in order and install them from bottom to top.

3.1 Cabinet connection steel frame

Install the cabinet on the steel frame and fix the box with connecting pieces and screws, as shown in the figure:

4. Rear view of cabinet installation

Note: When adjusting the flatness between the cabinets and seamless splicing, pay attention to protecting the unit module to avoid being bumped and damaged.

5. Power cord, network cable connection diagram

Power cord specifications: 2.5m² or more Network cable specification: cat6 Max Power Consumption: 9800w (200w x 49 units)