IP Based- FAQ

Compared with traditional centralized controllers, what are the advantages of IP Based controllers?

Expansion ability, there is no chassis limitation, and it can be expanded almost infinitely in the future Transmission distance, compared to HDMI, the network transmission distance is too far
Compatibility, more convenient integration with third-party equipment, easy to build smart scenes

How many channels of input and output are supported in the project?

1024 Input and 1024 Output

What are the requirements for the switch in the project?

The switch in the project must be a complete Gigabit interface switch. If you want to use the POE function, the switch also needs to support the POE function.

What system architecture are they?


What application scenarios are NP Lite suitable for?

NP Lite integrated KVM and video wall controller as well. It allows an operator to free slide mouses among console monitors to manage multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse set only. The solution is well designed for control & command center applications.

What application scenarios are NP Pro suitable for?

The NP Pro system includes a storage server (CVR server) and a web server. The controller has built-in storage, supports uploading pictures and videos, and is very suitable for Information Publishing Systems. CVR server will help us record IP camera or HDMI input signal, and support camera alarm and PTZ function, very suitable for CCTV System.
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