What is the difference when compared to PC-based solutions?

Pure hardware FPGA design, excellent image processing performance. No build-in operating system, No crashes IPC devices, and hardware conflicts, blue screen, computer virus problems.

How many windows can be opened on each screen at most?

iSEMC video wall controller supports up to 8 movable windows per screen.

After two years of use, whether the controller will be stuck?

iSEMC adopts cross-point transmission technology, and each signal source uses a dedicated channel to transmit in real-time at a speed of 60 frames per second. High stability of equipment operation, MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure)> 50,000 hours.

Whether the controller can be expanded in the future?

iSEMC controller features a modular design, Flexible Configuration, Expandable and easy Maintenance. It can be expanded in the future, but each chassis has a maximum input and output channel limit. If you need to expand in the future, please contact the sales staff in advance to choose a larger dimension of the chassis.

Does the controller support audio?

The iSEMC VK-S controller supports the audio de-embedding function of the input card, and with the audio matrix, it realizes the simultaneous audio and video switching in the same software.

Does the controller make a lot of noise and heat?

The iSEMC VK-S controller supports automatic adjustment of fan speed according to temperature and uses silent fans to reduce noise problems. If you need an extremely silent environment, you can also choose manual mode to adjust the fan speed to the lowest.